Braxy Is The AUTOMATED Ads Builder That Gets You More Customers

Google is so dominant that people just "Google" when they're looking for a product or service. In January 2021, 92% of all internet searches came from Google. You can't succeed as a small business unless you're on Google.


That's where Braxy comes in. An automated AI designed to help you get better ROI from Google advertising.

easy setup. Automated campaign optimization.

Don't have a Google ads account? No problem! Braxy can automatically create an account for you, help target your local competitors, and create ads that target the exact people looking for your products and services.

Real time reports

See the exact number of phone calls or contact requests you get each day from Braxy. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and you can track progress in real time. 

With 30% more online requests, Braxy is a lifesaver.


Jeff Couch


See companies just like yours using Braxy to increase their ROI

start finding new customers today

Don't pay expensive agencies thousands of dollars to have them manage your campaigns. For a fraction of the cost, Braxy's AI does all the work of creating and optimizing your campaigns. See what Braxy can do for you.

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