$250/ Month


Talk To Sales

Includes Professional Plan +

Website Design

Create a website that gets peoples attention

Braxy AI

Advanced Google Robot

Ads Manager

Get a Human Team Working With You


See Results in Real Time

Free Setup

Professional Setup For Free

Graphic Design

Help With Online and Offline Marketing Materials

Self Service and Bot




All Braxy Plans Include:

  • Automatic Keyword Optimization
  • Built In Competitor Ads
  • Automatic Scheduling
  • Budget Pacing and Optimization
  • Braxy Recommendations
  • Custom Dashboard for Real-Time Reports
  • Email Reports Delivered Weekly/ Monthly

The Braxy Promise:

Braxy Guarantees To Get Better Results

Compared to a Standard Google Campaign. 

How does billing work?

How much does Braxy cost?

Google Ads work best when it’s always-on. This means your Adbot aims to keep your wallet in the positive. We bill 30 days in advance and when there is one week left of your budget, Braxy will charge your card again. This ensures you always get the best results.



Braxy's subscription is $250 / month and includes up to $500 / month in advertising spend. Any advertising spend running through Braxy above $500./ month is subject to a 10% performance management fee.


Sales are up by 53%, online visits are up by 85% and basket size has increased.


Jeff Couch


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