Let the Robots do the work for you

Braxy's advertising robot creates new ad campaigns so you can get more customers in less time.

Braxy's AI is like having an entire Google ads marketing team working for you full time. The results are incredible.


- Doug Pierce, Founder of Painter Pros

How much is your time worth?

It's been shown that it can take up to 3-4 hours to get set up with a Google advertising campaign.

And what happens once it's launched?



It requires constant time and attention to ensure that it's running correctly otherwise you'll end up losing time AND money.



That's why we invented Braxy. 


To use the power of AI to allow busy business owners to quickly set up advertising campaigns that get significantly better results than doing it alone, and at a fraction of the cost of what an agency would charge.


no more wasted money

Let's face it. Online advertising can be a bottomless money pit that delivers no results if done incorrectly.


Braxy was designed specifically for small businesses to ensure every dollar spent brings maximum return-on-investment.


That's why Braxy's algorithm is able to be trained before a single dollar is even spent.





No agencies. No Pressure.

Woah, we just met.


Let's get to know each other before we make any long-term commitments. That's why Braxy offers free demos of our AI software and complimentary onboarding to help you get set up. That way you can be 100% certain your set up for success.


Braxy's Features

  • Sets up Google Ads in less than 10 minutes

    Get back to running your business!

  • Creates negative keywords

    Don’t pay for the wrong clicks!

  • Optimizes your keywords

    Drive the RIGHT traffic and be found easily!

  • Easy to read reports

    Quickly see how your ads are performing!

  • Creates new ad copy based on performance

    Don’t spend money on ads that don’t work!

  • Automatically sets up new campaigns

    You're a business owner, not a marketer!

Braxy's Results Do The Talking

4X more clicks on average (for the same budget)

Saves companies up to 20 hours per week

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